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Covenant America Event has been moved from Branson to Kansas City, MO

Why did we move from Branson outdoor location to Kansas City, MO indoor location? In short, to make your experience far, far more enjoyable. 

Because of several outdoor-related concerns and important Freedom and Liberty Education Summit interest, Covenant America is moving the location of the Covenant America event to an indoor convention center in Kansas City, MO. It will be held in the Bartle Hall in the Kansas City Convention Center.  301 W 13th St #100, Kansas City, MO 64105

The Date and Times of the event will remain the same.  The performances and speakers will remain the same with several additions. Glenn Beck will still speak on Saturday. This will be an amazing event.

Reasons for the Change.

Because of being an outdoor event:

  • Many are concerned about the large amount of rain in Missouri this year. Rain and flooding has had devastating effects throughout the central and southwestern Missouri, Branson being in the center of the rain maps. Waiting any longer could result in an event cancellation, which no one wants.
  • We have had constant and continual emails and phone calls regarding the fear of difficult terrain for those less mobile or are disabled. We know some of our greatest patriots are those individuals.
  • We have also received many letters of concern about being in the sun for three days.  Because of seating arrangements and visibility, it would be necessary to limit large canopies or even large umbrellas.
  • Security in an outdoor area has been raised. The county officials recently asked to be relieved from that responsibility on the private property. Thus, the cost of outdoor security became much higher and more difficult.
  • There are also other societal factors that led to this decision.

Because of the Freedom and Liberty Education Summit:

  • We have nearly 30 “Freedom” and “Liberty” training workshops being scheduled. This has caused extreme excitement about the educational opportunities. We planned to have these on the outdoor hill, but we could see this was just not going to work. So in order to have quiet, air-conditioned, A/V capabilities, the indoor facility became critical to our plans and your comfort.

Of course this move, especially at this late date, has taken agonizing consideration. We recognize that this change will cause some unintentional hardship. We ask for your understanding; the event will be significantly better.

What the move accomplishes.

We decided if we needed to move, we must make this as close as possible and still meet the large turnout possibilities. And, we wanted to eliminate as many of the comfort, mobility, and security problems as possible.

Therefore, this move to Kansas City provides a venue (at this late date) as close to Branson / Springfield area as possible and large enough to accommodate a large turnout for Glenn Beck and other noted speakers.  Kansas City is approximately 3 hours from the Branson / Springfield airports. We hope you will be able to accommodate this change in your travel plans.

Is there a refund?

Unfortunately not, at least not immediately. When we began the Covenant America event in an outdoor event, we knew there is always a chance of inclement weather. To reduce that risk, we chose September because it is the driest season of the year. However, this year, MO has received twice the normal precipitation. So, we included the Terms and Conditions as follows:

Covenant America is a non-profit organization, established to publish and distribute the Covenant America 76-foot Display to teach the miracles and history surrounding the Declaration of Independence and the relationship between God, the People, and Government.  These events help raise money to accomplish this purpose.  All ticket sales are considered a donation.  Therefore, there are no ticket refunds.  However, in the case of inclement weather or any other impact that would prevent the event, an alternate date for this event will be scheduled as soon as possible. You would be notified by email; additionally notifications will be clearly posted on our website ( and on our Facebook page. (

Obviously, the work of organizing, scheduling, and procuring speakers, performers, staging, and other important facilities requires extensive monetary outlay. Therefore, according to the Terms and Conditions, we cannot provide refunds. We ask your understanding and encourage you to make arrangements for travel to Kansas City.

Having said that, if there is undue hardship and you simply cannot attend, we ask you to email us at [email protected]. We will review each request. At the end of the event, if there are funds available, we will do what we can to reimburse some or all. Please do not phone call. Email us with your phone number and we will respond by email or phone. Please bear with us in the transition, if possible.

What about parking?

Parking (including RV parking) becomes a little bit more of an issue. Although the same Terms and Conditions apply, we will try to return or compensate you because this is a duplicate cost.  Again, it is necessary to do this at the end of the convention. However, there will also be opportunities at the event to “trade” your pre-purchased parking for products at Covenant America. Please bring your full printed receipt to the event.

There are city parking lots at the Convention Center. You will need to be prepared to pay for city parking (approximately $7.00 to $15.00 per day. )

What about hotels?

Because of the lateness of the switch, we have not yet had time to make arrangements with the hotels. We will work on that as quickly as possible. Watch our hotels and lodging page for updates.

What about RV parking?

Some of the city lots will provide RV parking during the day. Please use online sources to find RV camps in the area. Please submit an email regarding reimbursement to [email protected].

What about seating assignments?

The event center is a long hall. Similar seating arrangements will be made as on the Branson hill. There will still be front seating section, VIP seating, and general seating. The same prices will apply. See the website ticket page for the changes to seating benefits.

IMPORTANT. All tickets are numbered. Lower numbers will receive better seats within the respective seating area (front, VIP, or general seating). In other words, the sooner you buy a ticket, the better your seat will be. Those who bought earlier will be assigned better seating.

What happened to the family tickets?

The convention center requires that every individual who enters the event be sold a ticket. Therefore, we can no longer sell family tickets. If you have already purchased a family ticket, Covenant America will not charge each family member a ticket, but we must pay the event center $2.00 for each individual ticket. That amount would be deducted from any parking reimbursements.

If you have questions about reimbursement for parking or for inability to attend the event, please email [email protected]

If you have questions about the event for any other purpose, please use our contact page:

We will update this page with additional information and answer to questions.