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About the Covenant America Event

Kickoff Covenant America with Glenn Beck

Join Glenn Beck to kick off Covenant America’s grand benefit event in Kansas City, MO.

This is the very best family value ever. There will be three full, shows each day for only $70 for three full days ($210 for all of your family). Senior, Student, and Veteran pricing available You will  hear Glenn Beck as keynote speaker.

This will sell out fast. You must act quickly for best seats and parking.

Our first event, September 13, 14, and 15 with Sunday free and reserved for open air worship and gospel sounds.

The Covenant America 76-foot Diorama

Imagine the power as we unveil a full 76 linear ft. of fine art mural Diorama, commissioned specifically for Covenant America. You will be here to see the miracle, meet the artists and witness the grand unveiling of the originals. There has never been anything like this diorama that literally changes time, emotion and environment so parents can lead their children to understand Covenant America through the Declaration of Independence which created the covenant between the people, the government and God.

See and feel how God protected the covenant with five great miracles during the revolution followed by the miracle of Philadelphia, the U.S. Constitution. It will be a life-changing event to discover the mystery of the 7th miracle.

Our goal is to make thousands of these amazing displays available to your church, school and patriotic events. Covenant American teaches

  • that there is a covenant
  • that the only way to save this covenant and our nation is to put God back into the relationship
  • that the Declaration of Independence is the embodiment of the two great commandments of love
  • that the five grand principles of the Declaration are in a poetic Chiasm structure that centers on the self- evident truth that all men are created equal
  • that the Declaration of Independence is the embodiment of the two great commandments of love
  • that the Declaration came in fulfillment of Biblical prayer and prophecy.

Few realize the Declaration of Independence is no longer a part of our government. This has allowed robber Government to flourish and interpret the constitution nearly out of existence. The simple answer is Save the Declaration and you save our nation! The revolution is in the hearts and minds of the rising generation.

Again act quickly to reserve best seats and parking. This historical event will sell out quickly. Be a part of history and experience what others can only talk about.

Act quickly and reserve your space now!

Covenant America’s grand kick off benefit event is just one click away. Click tickets and you are almost there!