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Aaron Mackley sharing Covenant America Through Media

Aaron Mackley VP-Operations/Media Covenant America

Aaron Mackley
VP-Covenant America

New to the national scene, Aaron Mackley has spent three decades in education and in the newspaper industry. In the classroom, he is recognized as a dedicated and proficient teacher, who loved working with youth. Some students remarked that they learn more history in Mr. Mackley’s English classes than they did in their history class. 

His love of teaching is translated into his work with the Boy Scouts of America. Mackley is Scout Master in Idaho and has worked in numerous scout responsibilities from a Den Chief in the Cub Scout Program to Scout Master and Varsity Scout Leader in Idaho, Utah, and Virginia. Much of his success comes from his love of storytelling. He learned the art of storytelling by telling fun and suspenseful Sasquatch and other stories around the Scout campfire. Some Scouts who have advanced beyond in rank and age want to stay in his Troop. In Virginia, he spent many days hiking and biking around the Old Dominion, learning a little bit of folklore and early American history and had more than one camping experience near Civil War historical sites and cemeteries with his troop from Chesapeake. He stresses that in Virginia, they classify “dry camping” ground when the soil doesn’t squish under your feet! But Aaron still thinks that “dry camping ground is when you can’t pound a stake into the ground without breaking it!”

Mackley has spent nearly 20 years working in the newspaper and publishing industry. He has worked with audio, video, print, and web. Using this knowledge, he looks forward to sharing the message of Covenant America through music, video, art, and inspirational speakers. He recognizes that the music is what draws the attention and the Spirit.

But most of all, Mackley has  a deep love of America. He knows it is the land of opportunity. He believes that all of the political rhetoric is only words unless the heart and mind of the People of the United States have their hearts turned towards God. He believes that America is the City on a Hill, the candle on the candlestick to give light to the world. And, he believes that the problems of government can only be solved by government when and if those in government have a mind turned to God, not just in word but in truth. 

This is why Mackley has joined Covenant America. The founders knew that God had inspired them and had caused miracles to happen. The same miracles can happen again to restore America as a light to the nations. 

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